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important announcement from the fire fighters

The Instituto Aquífero (IAA) was mistakenly mentioned in the past weeks with wrong information and premature judgement about the received resources donated and/or financing.

Besides the enforcement of anticipated requirements in contracts and the rules of transparency which are fundamental for the Institute functioning, this accountability helps, therefore, to clarify these mistaken references.

The Instituto Aquífero Alter do Chão (IAA) was founded in January, 2019, starting because of the concerning about the environmental issues in the region of the biggest aquifer in the world.
Emerged from the encounter of 8 friends who have worked together in 2016 in the Festival das Águas (Water Festival) of Alter do Chão.
With the time, there was a necessity of doing a wide and permanent project, with positive solutions to protect the aquifer and to maintain the forest alive in the area of APA Alter do Chão – Pará State.

The document below clarifies about the financing received by the institution.

Who We Are


The fire brigade is an independent group of volunteers to protect Alter do Chão Forest, its people and the Strong Axe Region.

Since 2018 we fight the Forest Fires with courage e dauntless. We were formed by the Militar Fire Department, Civil Defense and Municipal Environment Secretariat (SEMMA).

Thanks to the support of so many people like yourself, we made, between August 26th and 30th, a course that formed 30 more Fire Fighters (know more in Instagram @brigadadealter). We are grateful and appreciate each and everyone for your concern, interest, sharing and donations

However, it is not enough to have Fire Fighters without proper equipment to be completely successful. Even because we are aware that this year the fire indexes are the biggest forecasting. We need IPE’s, heavy and light equipments, communication equipments and a car for the Fire Fighters to increase the speed to reach the fire.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Amazon dry season lasts for five months and it has just started.